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All good tree care begins with a consultation.

The First Step

Most tree problems arise from poor environmental conditions.  The first step in my consultation is to assess the site where the tree is growing.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

A healthy root system is critical for a healthy tree.  Tree problems that are observed in the canopy can often be traced back the condition of the root system.


Once the tree and site have been thoroughly assessed, I provide recommendations on the best plan of action for the care of the tree.

 What can I do?

There are many things tree owners can do to improve tree health.  Many times my recommendations include simple changes in site conditions that can have a major positive impact on tree health.  Some insect and disease pests pose only cosmetic problems while others may require treatment to ensure the long-term health of the tree.  Trees are complex biological systems and there isn't a "one-size-fits-all" treatment for all trees that are stressed or in decline.  Trees typically reach this state from cumulative negative inputs on their health.  When looking for someone to care for your trees it is important to ask yourself the question:

Have I received a consultation or a sales pitch?

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